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Habitat Needs Assessment

Habitat Needs Assessment for the Upper Mississippi River System Technical Report October 2000

Habitat Needs Assessment for the Upper Mississippi River System - Technical Report - October 2000

Habitat Needs Assessment for the Upper Mississippi River System Technical Report October 2000

The Habitat Needs Assessment was developed to provide Environmental Management Program managers with a system-wide accounting of existing, predicted and desired habitat conditions within the Upper Mississippi River System.

This report is available in .pdf format (file size: 4.75 MB) which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in
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Related Files  The following list of documents use the .doc and .xls file formats.
Appendix (file size) Description
Appendix A  (3.8 MB) LTRMP to HNA GIS reclass look-up table
Appendix B  (3.8 MB) Invertebrate species
Appendix C  (3.8 MB) Mussel species
Appendix D  (3.8 MB) Fish species
Appendix E  (3.8 MB) Reptile and Amphibian species
Appendix F  (3.8 MB) Bird species
Appendix G  (3.8 MB) Mammal species
Appendix H  (3.8 MB) Land cover by species matricies
Appendix I  (3.8 MB) Geomorphic area by species matricies
Appendix J  (157 KB) Land cover summary by geomorphic reach
Appendix K  (90 KB) Geomorphic area summary by reach
Appendix L  (422 KB) Land cover summary by pool
Appendix M  (260 KB) Geomorphic area summary by pool
Appendix N Potential species habitat summary pool;appendix located below
Appendix O  (24 KB) Terrestrial vegetation successional model workshop participants
Appendix P  (83 KB) Percent change estimates for HNA terrestrial land cover classes
Appendix Q  (28 KB) Predicted land cover in 2050
Appendix R  (29 KB) Resource managers future condition workshop attendees
Appendix S  (96 KB) Resource managers future condition workshop notes
Appendix T Future condition maps;appendix located below
Appendix U  (150 KB) Cumulative Effects Study geomorphic change analysis
Appendix V pdf  (675 KB)

Appendix V ppt  (642 KB)
Map of natural potential floodplain vegetation
Appendix W  (226 KB) UMRS HNS areas inventory
Appendix X  (26 KB) Resource managers desired future condition workshop participants
Appendix Y  (142 KB) Resource managers responses to desired future questions
Appendix Z  (105 KB) Desired HNA geomorphic area condition, pools 4 - 19
Appendix AA (95 KB) Desired Cumulative Effects Study geomorphic area condition, pools 11 - 26

Appendix N    Potential species habitat summary pool
The following links use a descriptive naming format: each file name includes the reach nuMBer and the category of fauna.  (ave. file size: 30 KB)

rch1_bird_sp_hab.xls rch1_herp_sp_hab.xls rch1_mam_sp_hab.xls  
rch2_bird_sp_hab.xls rch2_fish_sp_hab.xls rch2_fish_sp_sum.xls  
rch2_herp_sp_geo.xls rch2_herp_sp_hab.xls rch2_mam_sp_hab.xls  
rch3_bird_sp_hab.xls rch3_fish_sp_hab.xls rch3_herp_sp_geo.xls  
rch3_herp_sp_hab.xls rch3_mam_sp_hab.xls    
rch4_bird_sp_hab.xls rch4_fish_sp_hab.xls rch4_herp_sp_geo.xls  
rch4_herp_sp_hab.xls rch4_mam_sp_hab.xls    
rch5_bird_sp_hab.xls rch5_fish_sp_hab.xls rch5_herp_sp_geo.xls  
rch5_herp_sp_hab.xls rch5_mam_sp_hab.xls    
rch6_bird_sp_hab.xls rch6_fish_sp_hab.xls rch6_herp_sp_geo.xls  
rch6_herp_sp_hab.xls rch6_mam_sp_hab.xls    
rch7_bird_sp_hab.xls rch7_fish_sp_hab.xls rch7_herp_sp_geo.xls  
rch7_herp_sp_hab.xls rch7_mam_sp_hab.xls    
rch8_bird_sp_hab.xls rch8_fish_sp_hab.xls rch8_herp_sp_geo.xls  
rch8_herp_sp_hab.xls rch8_mam_sp_hab.xls    
rch9_bird_sp_hab.xls rch9_fish_sp_hab.xls rch9_herp_sp_hab.xls rch9_mam_sp_hab.xls
rch10_bird_sp_hab.xls rch10_herp_sp_hab.xls rch10_mam_sp_hab.xls  
rch11_bird_sp_hab.xls rch11_herp_sp_hab.xls rch11_mam_sp_hab.xls  
rch12_bird_sp_hab.xls rch12_fish_sp_hab.xls rch12_herp_sp_hab.xls rch12_mam_sp_hab.xls
rch13_herp_sp_geo.xls rch13_herp_sp_hab.xls    

Appendix T    Future condition maps 
The following links contain graphics files in .pdf format.  (ave. file size: 300 KB)

Mississippi River
Illinois River
Pool 1
Pool 2
Pool 3
Pool 4
Pool 5
Pool 5a
Pool 6
Pool 7
Pool 8
Pool 9
Pool 10 - upper
Pool 10 - lower
Pool 11
Pool 12
Pool 13
Pool 14
Pool 15
Pool 16
Pool 17
Pool 18
Pool 19
Pool 20
Pool 21
Pool 22
Pool 24
Pool 25
Pool 26
Pool OR1 - upper
Pool OR1 - lower
Pool OR2
Pool OR3 - upper
Pool OR3 - lower
Alton - upper
Alton - lower
La Grange - upper
La Grange - lower
Peoria - upper
Peoria - lower
Starved Rock
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Habitat Needs Assessment

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