Upper Mississippi River Restoration Program

Upper Mississippi River Restoration Program

Long Term Resource Monitoring


Land Cover/Use Data


A KMZ file is a compressed version of a 'Keyhole Markup Language' (KML) file. Google Earth can open KML and KMZ files if these files have the proper file name extension (.kml or .kmz).  KML, is an XML grammar and file format for modeling and storing geographic features such as points, lines, images, polygons, and models for display in Google Earth, Google Maps and other applications. You can use KML to share places and information with other users of these applications.

A KML file is processed by Google Earth in a similar way that HTML and XML files are processed by web browsers. Like HTML, KML has a tag-based structure with names and attributes used for specific display purposes. Thus, Google Earth acts as browsers of KML files. (https://support.google.com/earth/answer/148118?hl=en)

For further instruction on how to specifically use Google Earth Pro to view LTRM .kmz/kml files, please see the LTRM's Creating and Displaying Spatial Data Using Google Earth Pro help page.

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UMRR Long Term Resource Monitoring element
Updated September 27, 2021

 Data Transfer and File Format Information

Data are available for the following areas:

Mississippi River
  1890 1975 1989 2000 2010 2020
XML lc_1890_kml.xml lc_1975_kml.xml lc_1989_kml.xml lc_2000_kml.xml lc_2010_kml.xml  
Pool 1 lc_1890_p01.kmz   lc_1989_p01.kmz lc_2000_p01.kmz    
Pool 2 lc_1890_p02.kmz   lc_1989_p02.kmz lc_2000_p02.kmz    
Pool 3 lc_1890_p03.kmz lc_1975_p03.kmz lc_1989_p03.kmz lc_2000_p03.kmz    
Pool 4 lc_1890_p04.kmz lc_1975_p04.kmz lc_1989_p04.kmz lc_2000_p04.kmz lc_2010_p04.kmz  
Pool 5 lc_1890_p05.kmz lc_1975_p05.kmz lc_1989_p05.kmz lc_2000_p05.kmz lc_2010_p05.kmz  
Pool 5a lc_1890_p05a.kmz lc_1975_p05a.kmz lc_1989_p05a.kmz lc_2000_p05a.kmz    
Pool 6 lc_1890_p06.kmz lc_1975_p06.kmz lc_1989_p06.kmz lc_2000_p06.kmz lc_2010_p06.kmz  
Pool 7 lc_1890_p07.kmz lc_1975_p07.kmz lc_1989_p07.kmz lc_2000_p07.kmz lc_2010_p07.kmz  
Pool 8 lc_1890_p08.kmz lc_1975_p08.kmz lc_1989_p08.kmz lc_2000_p08.kmz lc_2010_p08.kmz  
Pool 9 lc_1890_p09.kmz lc_1975_p09.kmz lc_1989_p09.kmz lc_2000_p09.kmz lc_2010_p09.kmz  
Pool 10 lc_1890_p10.kmz lc_1975_p10.kmz lc_1989_p10.kmz lc_2000_p10.kmz    
Pool 11 lc_1890_p11.kmz lc_1975_p11.kmz lc_1989_p11.kmz lc_2000_p11.kmz    
Pool 12 lc_1890_p12.kmz lc_1975_p12.kmz lc_1989_p12.kmz lc_2000_p12.kmz lc_2010_p12.kmz  
Pool 13 lc_1890_p13.kmz lc_1975_p13.kmz lc_1989_p13.kmz lc_2000_p13.kmz lc_2010_p13.kmz  
Pool 14 lc_1890_p14.kmz lc_1975_p14.kmz lc_1989_p14.kmz lc_2000_p14.kmz lc_2011_p14.kmz  
Pool 15 lc_1890_p15.kmz lc_1975_p15.kmz lc_1989_p15.kmz lc_2000_p15.kmz    
Pool 16 lc_1890_p16.kmz lc_1975_p16.kmz lc_1989_p16.kmz lc_2000_p16.kmz    
Pool 17 lc_1890_p17.kmz lc_1975_p17.kmz lc_1989_p17.kmz lc_2000_p17.kmz    
Pool 18 lc_1890_p18.kmz lc_1975_p18.kmz lc_1989_p18.kmz lc_2000_p18.kmz lc_2011_p18.kmz  
Pool 19 lc_1890_p19.kmz lc_1975_p19.kmz lc_1989_p19.kmz lc_2000_p19.kmz lc_2011_p19.kmz  
Pool 20 lc_1890_p20.kmz lc_1975_p20.kmz lc_1989_p20.kmz lc_2000_p20.kmz    
Pool 21 lc_1890_p21.kmz lc_1975_p21.kmz lc_1989_p21.kmz lc_2000_p21.kmz    
Pool 22 lc_1890_p22.kmz lc_1975_p22.kmz lc_1989_p22.kmz lc_2000_p22.kmz    
Pool 24 lc_1890_p24.kmz lc_1975_p24.kmz lc_1989_p24.kmz lc_2000_p24.kmz lc_2011_p24.kmz  
Pool 25 lc_1890_p25.kmz lc_1975_p25.kmz lc_1989_p25.kmz lc_2000_p25.kmz lc_2011_p25.kmz  
Pool 26 lc_1890_p26.kmz lc_1975_p26.kmz lc_1989_p26.kmz lc_2000_p26.kmz lc_2011_p26.kmz  
Open River 1 lc_1890_or1.kmz lc_1975_or1.kmz lc_1989_or1.kmz lc_2000_or1.kmz    
Open River 2
lc_1890_or2.kmz lc_1975_or2.kmz lc_1989_or2.kmz lc_2000_or2.kmz lc_2011_or2.kmz  
Illinois River
Alton     lc_1989_alt.kmz lc_2000_alt.kmz lc_2010_alt.kmz  
La Grange     lc_1989_lag.kmz lc_2000_lag.kmz lc_2010_lag.kmz  
Peoria     lc_1989_peo.kmz lc_2000_peo.kmz lc_2010_peo.kmz  
Starved Rock     lc_1989_sta.kmz lc_2000_sta.kmz lc_2010_sta.kmz  
Marseilles     lc_1989_mar.kmz lc_2000_mar.kmz lc_2010_mar.kmz  
Dresden     lc_1989_dre.kmz lc_2000_dre.kmz    
Brandon     lc_1989_bra.kmz lc_2000_bra.kmz    
Lockport     lc_1989_loc.kmz lc_2000_loc.kmz    
St. Croix River
St. Croix     lc_1989_stc.kmz lc_2000_stc.kmz    


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