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Maps, Models, and Tools for Bird Conservation Planning - Avian Species-of-Concern
Maps, Models, and Tools for Bird Conservation Planning

American Woodcock

Scolopax minor
Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter

American Woodcock

Habitat Association grass-shrub
Nest Type and Location open-cup, ground
Migration Status Short distance
Conservation Score 21

A Hierarchical Spatial Count Model with Application to American Woodcock

taped seminar presented by Dr. Wayne Thogmartin, March 16, 2006

Partners in Flight (PIF) assigns conservation scores to species by region, with higher scores signifying greater management concern based on rarity, population declines, or habitat specificity. These scores are updated annually as new information about population trends become available. The scores presented here were reported in the PIF Bird Conservation Plan for PIF Region 16, Upper Great Lakes Plain.

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