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Loon Study - Collaborators and Cooperators

Kevin P. Kenow is serving as the USGS Project Officer. He is responsible for the study design and coordination, PTT transmitter and Argos data procurement, management and interpretation of transmitter location data, preparation of co-authored publications and GIS products, and miscellaneous technical support.


Wisconsin and Minnesota

  • Darryl Heard, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida-Gainesville
  • Mike Meyer, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Carrol Henderson and staff, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service (Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge)
  • US Forest Service (Hiawatha National Forest, St. Ignace Ranger District)
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • Jeff Wilson, Terry Daulton, Mercer, WI
  • Mantrap Lake Association, MN
  • Sportsmen’s Club of Lake Vermilion, Inc., MN
  • Burntside Property Owners Association, MN
  • Michigan Loon Preservation Association
  • St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN

New York, Maine & New Hampshire

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