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Upper Mississippi Basin Loading Database (Sediment and Nutrients)


The Long Term Resource Monitoring Program (LTRMP) sampling effort has evolved steadily since its inception in 1988.


These data have been generated by State agencies under contract with the Department of the Interior and the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC). Although these data have been processed successfully on a computer system at the UMESC, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding the accuracy or utility of the data on any other system or for general or scientific purposes, nor shall the act of distribution constitute any such warranty. However, error correction is a continuing process, and the UMESC routinely makes changes to data as errors are discovered. The file date is referred to as the release date and should be mentioned in all references to data.

These data have been provided as a unit package to ensure that you receive a valid dataset collected in a consistent manner. Methods, purposes, and conditions can vary dramatically among data-collecting efforts and these data should not be combined with other datasets from the UMESC or other sources unless the user fully understands the procedures and purposes used to create each set of data and can verify that data are comparable across sources.

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