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Jason RohwederJason J. Rohweder

Position title: Spatial Applications, Biologist

Phone: 608.781.6228
Fax: 608.783.6066

1998 M.S., Resource Analysis, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
1995 B.S., Ecology, Winona State University

Primary Responsibilities/Activities:
I have interdisciplinary expertise in biology, geographical information systems (GIS) and application programming. My work emphasizes landscape ecology and the creation of flexible tools and models to assess species habitat. 

Research Interests:

Active Projects:

Select Publications:

Crimmins, S. M., Walleser, L. R., Hertel, D. R., McKann, P. C., Rohweder, J. J. and Thogmartin, W. E. (2015), Relating mesocarnivore relative abundance to anthropogenic land-use with a hierarchical spatial count model. Ecography. doi: 10.1111/ecog.01179 [online] URL:

De Jager, N.R., Rohweder, J.J., Yin, Y., Hoy, E. 2015. The Upper Mississippi River floodscape: spatial patterns of flood inundation and associated plant community distributions. Applied Vegetation Science. [online] URL:

Rohweder, J., S. Vacek, S. M. Crimmins, and W. E. Thogmartin. 2015. A case study of assigning conservation value to dispersed habitat units for conservation planning. Journal of Conservation Planning 11:13-27. [online] URL:

Rohweder, J.J., De Jager, N.R., and Guntenspergen, G.R., 2012, Anticipated effects of development on habitat fragmentation and movement of mammals into and out of the Schoodic District, Acadia National Park, Maine: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 20125149, 30 p. [online] URL:

De Jager, N.R. and Rohweder, J.J. 2012. Spatial Patterns of aquatic habitat richness in the Upper Mississippi River floodplain, USA. Ecological Indicators 13:275-283.

De Jager, N.R, Rohweder, J.J., and J.C. Nelson. 2011. Past and predicted future changes in the land cover of the Upper Mississippi River floodplain, USA. River Research and Applications doi: 10.1002/rra.1615

De Jager NR and Rohweder JJ. 2011. Spatial scaling of core and dominant forest cover in the Upper Mississippi and Illinois River floodplains, USA . Landscape Ecology. Issn: 0921-2973

Thogmartin, W. E., M. Gallagher, N. Young, J. J. Rohweder, F. Durbian, and M. G. Knutson. 2009. Avian assemblages in the lower Missouri River floodplain. Wetlands 29:552–562.

Thogmartin, W. E., M. Gallagher, N. Young, J. J. Rohweder, and M. G. Knutson. 2009. Factors associated with succession of abandoned agricultural lands along the lower Missouri River. Restoration Ecology 17:290–296.

Thogmartin, W. E., and J. J. Rohweder. 2009. Conservation opportunity assessment for rare birds in the midwestern United States: a private lands imperative. Pages 419–425 in Rich, T.D., C. Arizmendi, D. Demarest and C. Thompson [eds.]. Tundra to Tropics: Connecting Birds, Habitats and People. Proceedings of the 4th International Partners in Flight Conference, 13-16 February 2008. McAllen, TX. Partners in Flight.

Rohweder, J., Rogala, J. T., Johnson, B. L., Anderson, D., Clark, S., Chamberlin, F., and Runyon, K., 2008, Application of wind fetch and wave models for habitat rehabilitation and enhancement projects: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2008–1200, 43 p.

Thogmartin, W. E., T. J. Fox , J. J. Rohweder, M. G. Knutson, and T. C. Will. 2006. Emerging Technologies: LINK: a land conservation decision support tool. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 87(3) [online] URL: /web_pdfs_july/emergingjul06bulletin.pdf

Korschgen, C. E., M. G. Knutson, T. J. Fox, L. Holland- Bartels, H. C. DeHaan, C. H. Theiling, J. J. Rohweder, K. P. Kenow, L. E. Leake, and T. Will. 2005. Natural resource assessment and decision support tools for bird conservation planning. C. John Ralph and Terrell D. Rich, editors.Bird Conservation Implementation and Integration in the Americas: Proceedings of the Third International Partners in Flight Conference 2002. Gen. Tech Rep. PSW-GTR-191. Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Two volumes.

Rohweder, J. J., S. J. Zigler, S. N. Hulse, and T. J. Fox, 2005, Techniques and Methods Book 6, Modeling Techniques, Section C, Decision Support Systems, Chapter 1, Middle Mississippi River Decision Support System: User's Manual: U.S. Geological Survey, Techniques and Methods 6 C-1, 53 p. + CD-ROM.

Fox, T. J., J. J. Rohweder, K. P. Kenow, C. E. Korschgen, and H. C. DeHaan, 2003, Geographic Information System Tools for Conservation Planning: User's Manual: U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Discipline Information and Technology Report USGS/BRD/ITR-2003-0005, 4 p. + Appendixes A-B + CD-ROM.

Rohweder, J. J. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources map, combining aerial photography and collected telemetry points, shows the distribution of Common Snapping Turtle populations in the Upper Mississippi River [map]. Scale not given. In: Allan Falconer and Joyce Foresman, editors A System for Survival, GIS and Sustainable Development. Redlands, CA: Environmental Systems Research Institute, 2002, p.17.

Rohweder, J.J. 1997 Common Snapping Turtle Telemetry Points [map]. Scale not given. In: ESRI Map Book; Implementing Concepts of Geography, v 14, Redlands, CA: Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1999, p.36.

Past Projects:

Acadia National Park Mount Desert Island Landscape-Scale Ecological Assessment for Conservation Planning

LINK: ArcGIS Tools for Conservation Planning

A Tool for Prioritizing Management Units at Morris Wetland Management District

Providing GIS support to the Fishers and Farmers Partnership of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Refuge System Water Resource Inventory and Assessment

Identification of Priority Forests in the Upper Mississippi River System

Mark Twain National Wildlife Refuge and Illinois River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge decision support systems

Geographic Information System Tools for Conservation Planning

Development of a decision support system for John Day Reservoir

Development of a spatial decision support system in support of the contaminant assessment process at Acadia National Park

Great Lakes islands geographic information system/decision support system

Great Lakes Basin Lake Sturgeon Geographic Information System Database

Middle Mississippi River Decision Support System

Acadia National Park Nutrient Load and Estuarine Response Decision Support System

Habitat needs assessment for the Upper Mississippi River System

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